Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01 Will I be seeing a specialist?

  • 02 What information should I have ready when scheduling an appointment?

    Be prepared to provide your personal information, including your full name, contact details, insurance information, and a brief description of the reason for your appointment.

  • 03 Do I need a referral to see the specialist?

    A referral is usually preferred though Dr Srinivasa is happy to see patients who wish to make direct contact for an opinion.

  • 04 What insurance plans does the specialist accept?

    Most common insurance plans (e.g. Southern Cross, AIA, Partners Life, NIB, Police insurance) are accepted. Please contact the rooms if you are unsure.

  • 05 What payment options are available for services?

    Bank transfer, Credit card and EFTPOS are preferred. Cheques are not accepted and we prefer not to receive cash

  • 06 Is a pre-authorisation required for certain procedures?

    The rooms will help you organise pre-authorisation when required.

  • 07 What documents do I need to bring to my appointment?

    It's advisable to bring the following documents to your appointment - • Referral letter from GP, family physician or other doctor • Private Medical Insurance details • Copies of results, x-rays, MRI’s, CT scans, etc. and any other relevant information. In most instances, clinical information is available online and thus hard copies are usually not necessary.

  • 08 How long is the typical wait time for appointments?

    Dr Srinivasa endeavours to see patients in a timely fashion (usually within a week or two). Urgent appointments are possible depending on clinical need (e.g. new cancer diagnosis) or special circumstances (painful condition; significant anxiety).

  • 09 What is the specialist's cancellation policy?

    We appreciate being told of cancellations as early as possible to reallocate the appointment.

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