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What to expect if you’re having surgery with Dr Srinivasa?

If you’re set to have surgery, by this stage, you would have already met Dr Srinivasa and undergone at least one consultation. For complex problems, it is common to meet more than once. The reason for having surgery as well as the risks would have been explained including expected recovery times and restrictions.

In the lead up to surgery, if you have other questions that need to be addressed, you will be able to reach him via the rooms.



The rooms will inform you of a convenient surgery date and give you options for dates and locations if required. We can help you liaise with your insurance company and supply quotes. Dr Srinivasa is able to give you a letter for organising sick leave.

Day of Surgery

You will receive instructions for where and when to arrive. Fasting instructions will also be given. You will meet Dr Srinivasa again before surgery to discuss risks and rationale and expected recovery. The surgery is performed completely by Dr Srinivasa alone.

After Surgery

Unless instructed otherwise, Dr Srinivasa always rings a nominated family member straight after surgery to inform them. He will then see you after surgery either in recovery or on the ward. All postoperative care is provided by Dr Srinivasa and patients have his direct cell number after discharge for any questions/ concerns

Follow up

Follow-up will be organised at the rooms with appointment details organised within 24 hours of discharge. If any issues/ questions arise in the interim, patients can contact the rooms or Dr Srinivasa directly.

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